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Soprano to hit high notes in space

Sarah Bright-man, the world's biggest-selling soprano, says she has booked a trip to the International Space Station. Brightman, who had a hit in 1978 with I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper, will become the first recording artist in space.

Fiona Luo bio

Born: Victoria Age: 13 Family: Mom, Dad, little brother Brian Occupation: Student at Colquitz Middle School Favourite authors: Ellen Hopkins (Burned) and Sara Shepherd (The Pretty Little Liars series) Writing background: First writing experience, asi

Pat Park bio

PAT PARKER Born: London, England Age: "I was born in 19-mumble-mumble." Family: Five children, two grandchildren Occupation: Retired real estate broker Favourite authors: John Le Carr Writing background: "I've always been interested in writing.
Funny men still waiting for fame

Funny men still waiting for fame

ON STAGE Peter 'n' Chris and the Mystery of the Hungry Heart Motel When: Opens 8 p.m. tonight, continues through Oct.

Couple joins forces for art project

David Rokeby worked with pianist wife Eve Egoyan on commission

Women more stressed by negative news stories

Females in study who read bad news reacted more to stress later

Cabaret show sets sail to titanic tunes

ON STAGE Chorus/Line/Cabaret Where: Belfry Studio, 1291 Gladstone Ave. When: Monday, 8 p.m.
Walking with widows

Walking with widows

A grieving Sandra O'Leary started her walk 10 years ago with a flyer - now it's a regular gathering

Musician uses guitar to connect with people

Daniel Bolshoy's gift with instrument led to teaching post with UBC, VSO

Home-brew tea party in the forest

Forget high tea at a certain chandeliered venue. The Capital Region District is giving you the first step toward do-it-yourself steeping.