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Monitor: Island's medal count tops Norway's, but who's counting?

In Britain's near pitchperfect execution to the halfway point of the 2012 London Summer Olympics, the background soundtrack has been provided by the Chariots of Fire theme that accompanies the medal presentations. Stirring stuff.

How to cook corn on your barbecue

Dear Eric: Could you tell me how to cook corn on the barbecue? I'm curious to try it. Jan Dear Jan: Corn on the cob is a treat in summer, especially when purchased from a local farm that harvested it that day.

At your service

BULLETIN BOARD The Times Colonist has one email address for all events listings: Include a brief (25 words or fewer) description of the event, date, time, address, price and phone number.

Detailed Island history a rewarding look at our past

Vancouver Island in the Empire By J.F. Bosher Llumina, 543 pages, $37.95 A couple of years ago, one of the most comprehensive books ever written about the early years of Vancouver Island arrived with a thud. At 839 pages, J.F.

Single mom's gift of life sets off chain reaction

Kidney donor helps change lives for strangers hundreds of miles away

Things to do

Ex-B.C. Forest Service Vessel Squadron Rendezvous, daily to Monday, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. at Ship Point, Inner Harbour, with 11 vessels attending from various home ports in B.C. andWashington state.

More U.S. women opt for IUDs: study

A growing number of U.S. women appear to be opting for intrauterine devices (IUDs) as their birth control method, with the number more than doubling in just two years in one study.

Massage relieves tennis player's pain

Dear Dr. Donohue: I'd appreciate hearing what you have to say about massage. I had practised my tennis serve for hours every day for more than a week. I developed a pain in my back at the lowermost part of the shoulder blade.

Most Canadian mothers took maternity leave: study

Most Canadian mothers with young children took some type of maternity leave following childbirth, according to a new study.

Preparation vital in hiking, camping

For openers, tell someone where you're going, and get right supplies
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