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Jesuit mansion listed at $49M

A majestic Gold Coast mansion in Manhasset, New York, run as a retreat house by Jesuit priests for the last half-century is on the market for $49 million, the Roman Catholic order said last week.

Filled pasta all-dressed

For a fast meal option, start with prepared tortellini, ravioli or agnolotti and serve with tasty homemade sauce

The 40 cloves of garlic that changed everything

This is the time of year for locally grown garlic on Galiano. It's good to have firm, fresh, juicy garlic to work with - better than the hard stuff that comes from China.

Pumpkin seeds need no oil

Best way to tell if kiwis taste better when left to freeze on the vine is to try it

Fonda sells Reagan's old house

Actor also known as a political activist slated to play Nancy Reagan in film

The many faces of pumpkin

The antioxidant-rich ingredient is delicious in more than just pie

Tonsil stones give off strange odour

Dear doctors: What is the best way to get rid of tonsil stones, besides sticking my finger down my throat as far as I can and trying to dislodge the smelly things? More importantly, what is the way to prevent tonsil stones? I never had them until a y
Wedded to style

Wedded to style

Married designers launch new line of dresses for national retailer

Ask urologist about erectile dysfunction cause, treatment

Dear Doctors: I am 70 years old and working as I did when I was 25. I am having trouble finding the answer to erectile dysfunction. Is there a way other than the pill to restore virility? I have tried them. J.J.


The Langham Court Theatre, the oldest community theatre in Western Canada, celebrates its 84th season this year - but it is also saying goodbye to its head scenic carpenter, Bill Adams, who is retiring after 15 seasons.