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Halloween events

Movie Monster: Today and Wednesday at Leonardo Da Vinci Centre, 195 Bay St. Become a star of your own Monster Movie with Intrepid Theatre., 3-8 p.m. Cost: $5 child/$15 family. 250-590-6291 or ticketrocket.


Dogs line up for part in canine comic caper >C4

Escaping the grey Island for Mexico's sunnier shores

As promised last Sunday, here's an update on the wanderings of a shipload of ancients lodged in cruise-ship comfort as they traverse the coastline from B.C. to Mexico and back. Not that there's much to report.

Oops: Harvard-affiliate hospital apologizes for 'weak' study

A Harvard-affiliated hospital is backing away from its decision this week to promote a paper linking the artificial sweetener aspartame and cancer, now saying the evidence was "weak.
Saucy berries enhance roast meats, cheese plates

Saucy berries enhance roast meats, cheese plates

Port wine, spices flavour chutney

Oh, for the carefree days before the lash of matrimony

M y club, as most know, remains my place of choice, a land unto itself. We mems enter with furrowed brows that are unknitted rapidly by the sight of kindly staff running toward us with gleaming martinis at the ready.
The kind of life it's been

The kind of life it's been

Throughout his six-decade career, Lloyd Robertson developed an unassailable reputation for delivering an authoritative account of the day's news.


Diversions >D10, D11

Turn your kitchen into a freaky factory


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