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Home in exotic locale could be yours

New TV series looks at wide range of properties, prices in 19 countries

Cairo rarely quiet, even in Ramadan

The ancient city of Cairo bustles with modern nightlife - and this is true even during the month-long fasting holiday of Ramadan. The long days may be quiet, locals say, but at night the city lights up with activity.
Restored Kinsol Trestle attracts visitors from afar

Restored Kinsol Trestle attracts visitors from afar

Structure built to haul timber is now part of Trans-Canada Trail
A trip for all tastes

A trip for all tastes

The city known as the Big Easy is changing, but tradition of fine dining remains

Rare, restored tank on display at war museum

A rare First World War-era tank has gone on display at the Canadian War Museum after undergoing restoration.

Charming villages suspended in time

Glittering sea frames Cinque Terre, a world heritage site

Alsace a blend of two great societies

Alsace is France with a German accent. Its unique mix of cultures offers enchanting cobbled villages, scenic vineyards, gourmet cuisine and art that is as vibrant as the medieval day it was painted.
Old-world elegance mixes with avant-garde

Old-world elegance mixes with avant-garde

You'll encounter Basque culture with a hint of England in Bilbao

Amenities take a quantum leap on river cruisers

I have mentioned on more than one occasion that river cruising is growing faster than ocean cruising. Growing faster on a percentage basis, that is.

Priceline resurrects Shatner's Negotiator

William Shatner's Priceline Negotiator isn't a goner, after all. He just went surfing.