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After weaving yarn, weave through the island's history

way of translation: Warp is the set of lengthwise yarns held in tension on the loom. Weft is the yarn that is inserted crosswise over-and-under the warp threads. "Fulling" is - well, you just have to take the class ... after hours.
Marijuana votes in two states raise spectre of pot tourism

Marijuana votes in two states raise spectre of pot tourism

Hit the slopes - and then a bong? Marijuana legalization votes this week in Colorado and Washington state don't just set up an epic state-federal showdown on drug laws for residents. The measures also open the door for marijuana tourism.

Soak up salty scenery on Ebey's Landing hike

The route will also take you on a historical tour of the area

Education vacation

Learn how to weave amid scenic charms, historic buildings of nearby Whidbey Island

Vienna's vibe is historic and modern

Vienna ranks right at the top of my list of elegant European cities. Once the capital of the mighty Habsburg Empire, this imperial city has an enduring grandeur and an easy liv-ability that I admire.

Life is good again for the Cinque Terre

Two towns devastated by a freak rainstorm a year ago have rebuilt

Baltic trading city has modern buzz

Latvia's capital boasts one of the world's largest collections of art nouveau buildings

Costa Maya a pleasant surprise

Port is worth a visit, despite poor reputation
Egypt's rulers target late-closing Cairo

Egypt's rulers target late-closing Cairo

Officials say it's a way to save energy; opponents see an attempt at social control

S. Korea aims for gamblers

South Korea's Incheon city says it aims to transform a small fishing island off the country's west coast into a hub of tourism, shopping and gambling to rival Macau and Las Vegas.