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S. Korea aims for gamblers

South Korea's Incheon city says it aims to transform a small fishing island off the country's west coast into a hub of tourism, shopping and gambling to rival Macau and Las Vegas.

Refurbishments enhance trip, cheaper than building new

Some friends cruising to Alaska next summer emailed me looking for advice on ports and ships.

Social media alert visitors

Social media will be a big component of a new program announced by Disney in which the company's parks in California and Florida will feature weekly surprise themes and events.
Fall floods douse Venice

Fall floods douse Venice

High tides have flooded Venice, leading Venetians and tourists to don high boots and use wooden walkways to cross St. Mark's Square and other areas under water. Flooding is common at this time of year.
Macedonia's monument boom attracts critics amid recession

Macedonia's monument boom attracts critics amid recession

Winston Churchill is flashing his trademark victory sign from the rooftop of Macedonia's shining white new foreign ministry building.
Google sets its site on Grand Canyon

Google sets its site on Grand Canyon

Internet search giant maps Arizona landmark to give users a closeup, 360-degree view of hiking trails

Carved eagle graces Comox air terminal

A three-metre-wide carved wooden eagle hangs from the ceiling of Comox Valley Airport's terminal building, part of a new display of artworks intended to create a positive first impression for visitors arriving on Vancouver Island.

Condé Nast readers vote for favourite ships

October brings a lot of change to the cruise line business. The seasonal shift of cruise ships transiting the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans is underway. Major U.S.

Ontario parks rent winter yurts with heat, power

Roughing it in the backcountry is typically a warm-weather activity, but heated yurts can add a measure of comfort in winter. Seven Ontario provincial parks are now taking reservations for winter yurt rentals.

Derry's events run range from punk to painting

The Northern Ireland city of Londonderry has announced a program of arts events ranging from punk to painting, in celebration of its role as the U.K.'s "city of culture" for 2013. The program announced this week includes a new play by U.S.