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Condo living's dark side

Condominium living isn't as simple as paying a monthly fee and assuming everything is going to be taken care of.

Home again

Almost six months to the day that we moved out to an apartment and renovations began, we finally moved back into our house. It's hard to believe it's the same house -- probably because so much has changed.

Design by the book

(Read to the bottom to check out and offer your opinion on an interior design dilemma that we're facing.) Interior designer Lorin Turner of Zebra Group The 50-page book that lists every interior design element going into the house.

Disappointing delay

Tip to contractors: If you need your clients to postpone moving back into the home you have been renovating for them, don't wait until the last minute before a holiday weekend to let them know.

Rock Stars of the garden

To some people, rock and Alpine plants are the rock stars of the garden. They are tough because they have to survive in an environment with little soil and few nutrients.

Back at the shop: A revealing look at meticulous cabinet-making

A lot of the work that has gone into our renovation didn’t take place on site. It happened 20 kilometres away in a 3,000-square-foot shop in Langord.

Case of the missing desk, the sow's ear and the silk purse

A dizzying traffic jam of workers and materials hurtles around a renovation site. Just when I think I’ve figured out who belongs to which vehicle parked out front, I arrive to find another tradesman’s van that I don’t recognize.

Comparison shopping: Finding the same look for less

There’s a popular feature in homes magazines that reproduces a room full of expensive furniture and accessories for a fraction of the cost. You can also see it on television since HGTV Canada recently started running a U.S.

Bedevilled by the details

Who would have thought that a small detail like baseboards would require so much deliberation? Baseboards – also called skirting boards or floor mouldings – are used to cover the uneven edge of flooring material alongside the wall.


My friend Debbie has many more renovations under her belt than I do.
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