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How to grow food with no yard

Who needs a yard? William Moss believes you can grow food almost anywhere. Moss is a horticultural educator who has appeared on TV shows such as HGTV's Dig In.

Patience yields a bounty of fruit

In spite of the iffy weather during growing season, the garden produces a healthy crop


Helen Chesnut >F7

Coffee in a sock trumps odour of mouldy bread

Dear Reena: I hope that you can help. A loaf of bread was left in our bread cupboard and became very mouldy. I have not been able to get rid of the smell and cannot use the cupboard now because of this.

Tailor construction to the environment

I don't know what it is about Aug. 29 and New Orleans, but it seems like ever since hurricane Katrina, New Orleans gets hit with a major storm on the anniversary. In 2008, my crew and I were down there building a home for a hurricane Katrina victim.

Device keeps tools and supplies in place when you're working on a roof

When you're working on a roof, it's hard to keep tools and supplies from sliding off. The Bucket Buddy is designed to solve that problem.


Debbie Travis >E8
Luxuriously large living on display in Victoria house tour

Luxuriously large living on display in Victoria house tour

A Calgary couple's new 7,000-square-foot Rockland home bucks the downsizing trend in expansive style - and you can see it during Sunday's art gallery homes tour
What's old is cool in decor

What's old is cool in decor

A new generation moving into 1960s bungalows appreciates their vintage vibe

Baha'i concert celebrates unity

In the spirit of human unity, central to the Baha'i faith, everyone is invited to a musical performance Sunday at Alix Goolden Hall. A performance called A Luminous Journey, featuring music, art and drama, will be presented.