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Sweet ideas for sweet dreams

Life has been a bit rushed these past few months. It's the kind of busy that causes me to turn completely inward in search of a little comfort and solitude.

Renovate or Relocate Riddle

You loved your home when you bought it. But your circumstances have changed - your family has grown or you need to take care of an aging relative. You need a bigger house.

Craft centre keeps supplies at hand

Dear Debbie: We have a small space in our basement where we want to make a craft area, a place to do hobbies and school projects for the kids. Please help with some ideas on how to set it up to work for everyone.


- In 1560, Protestantism was formally adopted at the First General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

Late summer brings its own welcome rites

It was a long time coming, but this month, at last, blessed us with long days of sunshine and warmth, reminding me of the seemingly endless blue-sky summers of my childhood in Victoria.

Renovate, rebuild or move?

How to choose the best way to get more space for your growing family

The art of the smithy

Metal workers practise a craft that dates back over centuries


Dust may affect performance of home theatre and stereo speakers. Jennifer Braniff-Harmon, local covert operations agent with Best Buy's Geek Squad, says that if noticeable dust is building up on the exterior of your speakers, it's time to clean them.


Debbie Travis >E3

Let wood floor darken

Q: We have had natural hardwood floors for five years. During that time we had a rug under a coffee table. This week we removed the rug and the wood floor was a much lighter colour.