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Use newspapers to eliminate odours from book pages

Dear Reena: I own two cookbooks that carry a heavy cigarette odour. Can this cigarette smell be removed? Doreen Dear Doreen: Begin by hanging the books on the clothesline outside on a sunny day.

Garden Events

VIRAGS meeting. The Victoria Rock and Alpine Society meets Tuesday at 7: 30 p.m. in Gordon Head United Church, 4201 Tyndall Ave.

Cookie-cutter no more

Plain 1952 California home transformed into modern gem

2012 CARE awards celebrate the best in Vancouver Island homebuilding

The 2012 CARE awards celebrate the best in Vancouver Island homebuilding

Beyond mobile

Prefab homes come of age, promise to be efficient, green and easy

Habitat of Hope

Marilyn Prior never thought she would own any home, let alone a brand-new one in Victoria.

Pruning exposes kiwis to sweetening sun

Kiwis are fun to have in a garden but, like fig trees, they put on outrageous quantities of growth and require a fair amount of pruning. I prune in January and again in August to relieve congestion in the rambunctious spring and early-summer growth.

Reality check on renos

Homeowners plan renovations for different reasons. Sometimes it's because they've seen a friend's new kitchen or something on a design show that sparked their imagination. Or it could start with a repair that turns into a complete makeover.
Building on neighbourliness

Building on neighbourliness

Habitat for Humanity translates a culture of caring about others into home ownership for families