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That yellow lawn may not just be dormant: it could be dead

That yellow lawn may not just be dormant: it could be dead

Fall is the best time to prepare lawns for the next growing season by mowing, raking, aerating and fertilizing. The game plan changes, though, if drought-stressed grass has been dormant for a long time.

Mom-and-pop decor shops carve out online niche

For small, mom-and-pop shops that produce goods for the home but don't have big advertising budgets, the Internet helps level the playing field, attracting customers who are looking for something different.

Transfer fans move air between rooms, levels

Tjernlund Products' AireShare transfer fans let you move heated or cooled air from one room or level of your house to another.

Designer secrets for homeowners, gardening projects for children

DAZZLING DESIGN by Amanda Nisbet Stewart, Tabori and Chang 224 pages, $57.50 Interior designer Amanda Nisbet lets readers inside some of her favourite rooms - and inside her thought processes - in her new book, Dazzling Design.

Warm weather helps extend growing season

What the spring and early summer lamentably lacked in sunshine and warmth, this month has surely made up. Everyone I spoke with through September voiced delight in the glorious warmth and blue skies.

Alliums give gardens colour for three seasons

Ever dream of having a garden that's colourful spring through fall? Planting alliums is one way to realize that dream, according to bulb experts.

For some, 2 houses are better than one

Modern sculptural design of accessory home features geometric cutouts and dynamic double-height spaces


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A window on life under water

Aquariums offer a mind-massaging hideaway - and help maintain humidity

A web of crafty options

Internet classes and blogs are popular ways to learn new skills