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Variety, as they say, is the spice of herbs

Diverse group used for flavour, fragrance, dyes and medicines

How can I cover a metal radiator?

Q: I want to cover my hot-water radiators so they will look more decorative, but I've received three different contractor opinions on how to proceed.

Eye shadow better for brows

Dear Reena: Here's a hint f you like stuffed green olives (like I do): don't throw away the brine. Cut some carrot sticks (not too thinly) and put them in your olive jar. Boil the olive brine and pour it over the carrots. Seal and cool.

Minimal standards needed for home inspections

I've been saying it for years. The home-inspection industry is like the Wild West - a lot of cowboys but not a lot of sheriffs. Throughout most of Canada, the industry is self-regulated by different associations with different sets of standards.
Make your own bags for lunches, snacks

Make your own bags for lunches, snacks

A desire to recycle, save money and add a personal, imaginative touch entices many crafty people to create what can easily be bought. This time of year, that includes crafting a lunch sack.

A harvest we can be thankful for

As autumn officially began, the continuing fine weather and the garden's bounty kept bringing to my grateful mind lines of favourite poems.

Picture-frame mix breaks up large walls

Arrangements work especially well in homes with cathedral ceilings

Poultry-keeper's cottage blends old with modern

Home about to be added to U.S. Register of Historic Places

Faith that shows god at work reveals real wisdom

I have never been someone who got a great deal out of apologetics. I have never believed that arguing about religion or God has done anybody any good or has helped anyone in their faith or lack of faith.

Samsung attempts to go hands-free

With the latest TV, losing the remote is no longer a problem, but features are frustrating