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Solutions to recycling problems

I know a handful of people who've gotten their hands on the new iPhone 5. And with millions more people buying the same product, it got me to thinking about recycling all the stuff in our home that's outdated or used up.


Mike Holmes >E2

Kissing fish symbolize evolution-war d├ętente

Michael Dowd argues churches should embrace Darwin's theory

New techniques allow amateurs to be muralists

The concept of a focal wall is not new. We have painted scenes, motifs, diagrams and personal images on interior surfaces for thousands of years.

Now is not the time to start a renovation for the holiday

Every year around this time I start hearing people say things like, "Let's renovate the kitchen for the holidays." They imagine cooking a big holiday feast in a beautiful, newly renovated kitchen - with all the fancy finishes and appliances.

A cosy, stylish throw rug is must-have of the season

Cable knits, textural weaves, rich faux furs ... this fall, throws are showing up in all the retailers' collections.


Helen Chesnut >F1

Neighbours make the 'hood

New residents put their own stamp on a garden, and thus on the street

Two books illustrate gracious living of today and more than a century ago

Architect Gil Schafer III has built a reputation on creating classic homes - both new homes with the warmth and appearance of old houses, and older structures renovated for today's way of living.

Way cool-season gardening is for pansies

If you have not planted pansies in a few years, you are in for a pleasant surprise. These little troopers of cool-season colour are now available in trailing selections. I visited my garden centre Saturday and I felt like a kid in a candy store.