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Design skills put to use in the garden

Creating a coherent, stylish outdoor space requires a detailed plan
Bring your holiday home

Bring your holiday home

Keep travel memories alive by working them into your decor


Helen Chesnut >F3

Compact succulents fit range of garden projects

Their compact nature and tolerance of a wide range of growing conditions makes them perfect for building wreaths, popping them in the smallest spots imaginable, bringing them inside for short spells and pairing with plants that are not their kind.


Mike Holmes >E2
Annual inspections keep chimneys clean

Annual inspections keep chimneys clean

A soot-clogged flue can lead to smoke in the home, or even a full-scale inferno

Rapper-turned-renovator turns dream into reality

1990s star Vanilla Ice and his crew revamp couple's home for TV show

Make the right move

Home buying is a big purchase - think ahead to avoid buyer remorse

Ferns brighten shady spots

Begonia changes its colour depending on the light conditions

Pinch off buds to avoid bitter basil leaves

Q: Can you tell me how I will know when my basil and lavender are ready to cut and use? A: You can harvest basil as soon as you have enough leaves for what you need, while leaving enough on the plant to keep it alive.
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