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Book details pre-fabulous construction

Author Sheri Koones has long argued the merits of prefabricated homes. In her new book, Prefabulous + Almost Off the Grid, she bolsters her case by focusing on the energy savings possible with factory construction.

Now's the time to plant camellia for next year

Fall can be an incredible season of blooming shrubs in the landscape if you do a little planning. Right now, the Hana Jiman camellia's blossoms will stop you in your tracks.

Winning this war takes time

For about 30 years, David and Carol Wolfe practiced benign neglect about the wooded areas of their nearly five-acre property in Barberton, Ohio. They mowed their lawn and tended to the landscaped areas.

Expert decor advice

Husband-and-wife designers Robert and Cortney Novogratz share the thought process behind their hip home-decorating style in their new book, Home By Novogratz.

Planters full of late autumn colour

Frilly kale takes a starring role, supported by violas, heathers and tough alyssum

Have it all, but get it in stages

Renovating a kitchen is the most disruptive and costly home project there is, other than major add-ons. And yet, for a busy family, this is the space where everyone meets and eats, at all hours of the day (and sometimes the night).
Pilgrims offer prayers for Muslim unity

Pilgrims offer prayers for Muslim unity

Rituals trace footsteps of prophets Abraham, Ishmael and Muhammad


Helen Chesnut >F10

Aggressive kudzu vine migrates northward

No B.C. sightings yet, ministry says, while warning of potential damage

Guess Who is pulling stakes in Winnipeg?

Burton Cummings is going to have one less reason to be running back to Winnipeg. A real estate agent says Cummings is about to list his almost 4,700-square-foot mansion for $1.35 million.