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Fans can help heat homes

Feeling the breeze from a ceiling fan just may be a step you can take toward greater energy efficiency this fall.

Satan rumour once took bite out of burger empire

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its big, floppy clown shoes. In the late 1970s, McDonald's officials faced a public-relations nightmare over a silly rumor that was too ludicrous to be believed.

Add a little spice to your kitchen

Dear Reena: I want to impress my East Indian fiancé and his family by having East Indian spices on hand in my cupboards.

Why the hassles were worth it

(Please scroll to the bottom for more photos) Unpleasant surprises resulted in unexpected expenses, but even that turned out to be a blessing in disguise _____________________________________________ After six months that included a seemingly unendin

Photos: House Beautiful Uplands remix

Doing away with a separate, formal dining room in a 90-year-old Uplands home creates a large, open space that is efficient, elegant and award-winning


Debbie Travis >E2
Bleak November has its moments of glory

Bleak November has its moments of glory

November. Not everyone's favourite month as daylight hours shorten and the expectation looms of cold and clammy, rain-drenched times ahead. Still, this autumn has been mostly glorious.

Banish bottle odour with toothpaste

Dear Reena: I was given a set of glass spice bottles that haven't been used for a while. The tops are cork, and I don't know how to get the smell out of them. Some are pretty strong.


Mike Holmes >E2

Booster fans solve few HVAC problems

I was driving the other day when I heard an ad on the radio about duct booster fans. I couldn't help but laugh. On a recent job we did, the homeowner was having trouble with their HVAC so they called us in. They'd had an HVAC technician look at it.