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Flashpoint tops Gemini nods

The police drama Flashpoint collared a record 19 nominations yesterday at the Geminis, Canada's television awards. The CTV show, which airs on CBS in the U.S.

Jackson's death ruled homicide

Michael Jackson's death in June was ruled a homicide, opening the door to possible criminal charges against his doctor.

Monkeying with success

Arctic Monkeys did some tinkering with their approach to ballyhooed new CD

Visual effects wizard had his fill of prawns

Mount Doug grad Andrew Millard worked on sci-fi social satire

Donation means bye-bye mortgage for Belfry

A $250,000 pledge from the Belfry Theatre's former chairman and his family will allow the company to pay off its mortgage in less than a year.

Aglow with Glee: Victoria's Corey Monteith can't fight the feeling

Originally published Aug. 14, 2009 Like singing in the shower? Try it in front of 25 million people. That's how many viewers have seen a sudsy Cory Monteith crooning REO Speedwagon's Can't Fight This Feelin' in the pilot for Glee.

Artist kept drawing as his memory faded

While walking in James Bay recently, I met Julia Wallace Halliday. She told me that her father, the artist George Wallace, had died recently, in his 89th year.

Carrying a torch for characters

Jan Johnson seems a rustic, with a down-home accent and the ways of a man from west of Sooke. His sculptures are welded together from cast off-machine parts, yet I find them profound and compelling.

Bad movies that were big at the box office

In the film world, box office gross and critical applause are often at odds with each other. Rare exceptions include The Dark Knight (which grossed over $1 billion worldwide) and The Lord of the Rings trilogy ($3 billion).

Writer uses web to weave his tale

Online readers vote on book's direction, get crack at creating a character