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Bad movies that were big at the box office

In the film world, box office gross and critical applause are often at odds with each other. Rare exceptions include The Dark Knight (which grossed over $1 billion worldwide) and The Lord of the Rings trilogy ($3 billion).

Writer uses web to weave his tale

Online readers vote on book's direction, get crack at creating a character

Sci-fi series shot in Victoria on TV Sunday night

2-part TV show shot in Victoria

$200,000 -- that's Unforgettable

The Unforgettable event and its team of 100 volunteers have raised almost $200,000 for the opera and symphony in Victoria.

Inspired by the Salish sea

Sidney's new marine centre focuses on West Coast waters and people

'Scotty' owed it all to Star Trek

But actor was bitter toward Paramount

Young dancer steps into national contest

Victoria-born Angella Gillespie-Slaunwhite to represent B.C. at teachers' competition

Star Trek blazes past the competition in first weekend

The new Star Trek movie beamed up an estimated $72.5 million in North American ticket sales its first weekend in theatres, dominating the box office and re-energizing a 40-year-old sci-fi franchise.

Songwriter showed his disciple no mercy

Hard-drinking Texan Van Zandt was worshipped by his musical peers

Navy brass launch The Homecoming

It was a day "inspired by gratitude," as Honorary Captain Cedric Steele put it. He was referring to last Monday's unveiling of an artist's sketch of the statue The Homecoming on Wharf Street.