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My mother's been doing it since the 70s, my MAC friends swear by it, the oracle Delfine does it 3-4 times a week after work, and archaeologist Gregory Possehl sees "a form of ritual discipline" depicted in several seals dating back to the 3rd millenn

Les Leyne: Now it’s NDP’s turn in the hot seat

It turns out the B.C. Liberals aren’t the only ones who ran into trouble with dubious ethnic-outreach schemes. After feasting on scandalous revelations about the B.C.

Andrew Cohen: Sorry, Wilkins, Canada is not conservative

In case you missed the news, American conservatives are looking to Canada for inspiration these days. Specifically, they like how we handle our finances, manage our natural resources, lower taxes and address wasteful spending.

Comment: Ethnic-outreach strategies are getting old

When it comes to the B.C. Liberal Party and that now-infamous leaked memo, take your pick from the smorgasbord of indignation. You could choose righteous anger over the possible misuse of taxpayer dollars.

Through the eyes of a child

Playing God. Definitely not something most Christians would encourage. However, I've recently found myself faced with how to handle my four year old son wanting to do that very thing. The first time that he told me, “Mama, I’m God.

Geoff Johnson: Parent-teacher interviews often unsatisfying

It’s that time again and nobody is really comfortable. Tax time? No, it’s parent-teacher conference time, an experience that one parent likened to speed dating.

Les Leyne: Auditor saga could be over at last

Four days before the drop-dead date, the B.C. legislature has devised an exit strategy for auditor general John Doyle. It won’t make everyone happy. But at least everyone is mutually unhappy.

Sit 'n' Spin

I got this email from one of my besties, Del, who has lost about 50 pounds in the last few years by combining a healthy diet with walking and yoga, see "The oracle Delfine speaks..

Week 7 - Oh yeah baby! That's what I'm talkin' about!!

Week 7 - What did I learn this week: 1) I'm smarter than I thought 2) I'm dumber than I thought 3) I'm weaker than I thought and 4) I hate lentils More on lesson 1 - I passed my first CMA AP exam!!! I am so relieved! The class average was only 58% so

Lutheran prays for next pope

We don’t have a pope. I am a Lutheran. And if you know anything of the history of Martin Luther and the time of the reformation, you’ll know there was no love lost between him and the pope of his day.
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