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David Bly: Don’t like the new money? We can help

Canada’s new $5 and $10 bills were unveiled Tuesday to mixed reviews. Some people, it seems, were not wild about the designs. Members of a focus group formed a few years ago to study the designs thought the $5 bill was too “cartoonish.

Comment: Thomas Mulcair playing a dangerous game

If Thomas Mulcair cares about judicial independence, he has an odd way of showing it.

Swashbuckling Suzie and the Pender Pirates

After 3 months of eating right and exercising (and when I say exercising, I mean ninja training) it is my week of "active rest.

Comment: Public policy must address living-wage shortfall

For families with young children, the costs of basic necessities like food, rent and child care quickly add up. Even with full-time work year-round, both parents in a family of four must earn at least $18.

Justice Trumps All

The history of the human race has been marked periodically by acts of horrible magnitude that have only caused hurt and suffering. More often than not, these events are reciprocated actions in response to an apparent wrong action.

Comment: One person’s lonely vote, with no place to go

Dayna Mazzuca Like a good citizen, I plan to vote. Just don’t ask me for whom. New to B.C.

Andrew Cohen: Too much security could doom train travel

When Via Rail learned that terrorists were planning to detonate a bomb along the tracks running between Toronto and New York, it reacted as nervous organizations do in the face of such a threat: It announced a review of security.

Mark Milke: Taxes and civilization: Don’t overdo it

For those who file their taxes at the last moment and cut an extra cheque to government, right about now is unlikely to be their favourite time of year.

Comment: VIHA, province must work to fund Health Point

Many Times Colonist readers have read about the problems arising from the resignations of four physicians at Health Point Care Centre.

Janice Kennedy: Hysteria is not a good response to terrorism

Principles are problematic things. We hold them dear — until something runs smack into them and threatens to stomp them into the ground. Then we’re forced to make the crucial decision: Hang on to them, or let them go. It can be a tough call.
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