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From Adam to Muhammad - the valuable lessons of great spiritual teachers

Humanity is a vast and infinitely diverse entity but regardless of the many differences, there have always been teachers. There were always people who inspired others, young and old, to pursue a higher standard of life.

Comment: B.C.’s draft curriculum will dumb down education

The authors of the B.C. Ministry of Education’s draft curriculum have a penchant for lofty gerunds — transforming, rethinking, redesigning — to describe their work.
We have so much Victoria Royals content, it's almost embarrassing

We have so much Victoria Royals content, it's almost embarrassing

At the beginning of September, we decided we needed a web page dedicated to our WHL hockey team, the Victoria Royals. So we built one: Easy to remember, easy to find.

Graham Thomson: Redford the big winner in pipeline ‘deal’

It couldn’t have gone better for Alberta Premier Alison Redford if she’d planned it. Which she didn’t. The bizarre on-again, off-again, on-again nature of the meeting with B.C.

Shannon Corregan: Save memories, not a decrepit building

Victoria is an extremely civic-minded city. Compared to other places I’ve lived, Victorians invest an incredible amount of time, energy and money in the well-being of our community and its infrastructure.

Les Leyne: Report’s figures hard to misinterpret

Children and Family Development Minister Stephanie Cadieux doesn’t want the latest rocket from the independent watchdog of her ministry “misinterpreted.

Andrew Cohen: What Joe Clark tells us about Stephen Harper

This is the tale of two prime ministers. Both are Albertans. One came to Ottawa as a member of Parliament for Calgary. He dislikes Ottawa. The other came to Ottawa as a member of Parliament (mostly) for Yellowhead and Calgary. He likes Ottawa.

Comment: Women conspicuous by absence on banknotes

When the Bank of Canada launches its new $5 and $10 bills today, there will be no surprises — we’ve seen the designs and noted who are conspicuous by their absence.

Food is a spiritual issue

In our culture where food is present in abundance how come so many hunger and thirst? We maybe not admit that we are hungry or thirsty. We may fill ourselves with business or even just routine to keep our hearts and minds filled.

Les Leyne: Clark, Redford maintain a united front

The sudden bonding between premiers Christy Clark and Alison Redford on Tuesday looks more like a quick effort to avoid a protocol lapse than a long-term agreement. Redford was scheduled weeks ago to make a major speech in Vancouver.
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