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Les Leyne: Government land is going, going ...

What would a New Democrat government do if the B.C.

David Bly: Feel the wonder of all Victoria has to offer

Last year, as a newcomer to the Island, I was advised to take advantage of Tourism Victoria’s Be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown promotion as a way to get to know the region better. Good advice, and $10 well spent.

Elizabeth Payne: Greenwashing won’t sell Keystone pipeline

It’s not easy being green? Don’t tell that to federal Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver.

Comment: Child tax credit a small diamond in the rough

With the provincial election coming in May and time running out for this legislative session, it is uncertain whether the B.C. Liberals’ 2013 budget will pass.

Security checks done off the books for secret government office

Last fall we wrote about the extraordinary lengths the B.C. government was taking to keep even the most basic details of its Civil Forfeiture Office from the public.

Elevenses, Luncheon, and Tea...oh my!

Not only do I look like a Hobbit, short and round with a mop of curly hair, but my new eating regimen is reminiscent of THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING: Aragorn: Gentlemen, we do not stop 'til nightfall.

A Muslim perspective on families

Family in the English language is a word originating from the Latin word that means ‘household’, familia . As for its definition, a family is any group of people associated through blood relationship, affinity, or co-residence.

Comment: Colleges key drivers in local economic development

The recent release of the research universities’ report B.C. Labour Market Profile highlighted the significant role of B.C.’s post-secondary system in shaping the prosperity and quality of life for all in our province.

William Watson: Subsidy directory makes for riveting reading

This being awards season, my nomination for book of the year is a perennial personal favourite: the Canadian Subsidy Directory 2013.
Les Leyne: De Jong’s budget has Dix’s fingerprints

Les Leyne: De Jong’s budget has Dix’s fingerprints

It’s the first jointly created, bipartisan budget in ages. B.C. Liberals delivered it, but the New Democrat Opposition helped write it. Two key measures in Finance Minister Mike de Jong’s fiscal plan have NDP leader Adrian Dix’s fingerprints on them.