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"See me, not my disease"

The stigma that comes with any diagnosis of dementia is one of the biggest challenges a person facing the diagnosis will have according to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research .

Comment: Private power projects damaging a B.C. legacy

A Vancouver Island river renowned for its fish — including two endangered runs of steelhead and five species of wild salmon — is being dammed and diverted into a pipe to produce hydro power.

Geoff Johnson: Teacher-student bond vital to learning

There is likely no more abused phrase than “it’s just common sense.” Politicians use the phrase to justify even the most unlikely proposition as, do activists of every stripe.

Janice Kennedy: Living in the Age of Determined Dumbness

Human civilization has been shaped by ages of Faith, Enlightenment, Innocence, even Anxiety. It has experienced ages that were Classical, Dark, Middle, Modern, Golden, Gilded. But they’re all past.

Who inspires you?

The chalked messages on the paved pathway along the Dallas Road cliffs were like tangled spaghetti noodles. Obviously left over from an event in recent weeks, the phrases were half-sentences of encouragement.

Comment: CRD’s water system is truly second to none

The Capital Regional District public tour of the water facility is outstanding and made me realize that we are the beneficiaries of an incredible gift of nature.

William Watson: Wealth has lost some of its former clout

What is John A. Macdonald’s second most famous saying? Everyone knows about “As for myself … a British subject I was born. A British subject I will die.” Or everyone did know when history was compulsory and dealt in important dates and famous people.

Iain Hunter: We should base vote on common issues

It was the hapless Kim Campbell who is supposed to have said before she went down with all hands in 1993 that an election campaign is no time to discuss serious issues. Of course it isn’t: That sort of talk just confuses everyone.

Will pedals power your vote?

If you're still working out who to vote for in Tuesday's B.C. election, and you'd like to consider parties' stance on pedal-powered transportation, check out the B.C. Cycling Coalition , which gives the parties' statements.

Elizabeth Payne: No excuse for neglecting aboriginal education

The federal government has no shortage of solutions. It has been spitting them out at a steady rate recently. Which makes its failure to find a solution to the problem of the aboriginal education gap all the more perplexing.