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Buddha's Birthday - a chance to learn

On May 26, help celebrate Buddha’s birthday. Who is the the Buddha, you ask? There have been many buddhas (awakened ones) over eons of time.

Comment: Time for the majority to be politically engaged

The big winner in B.C.’s provincial elections this week was the “no show” party. Estimates put the turnout at about 52 per cent of the eligible electorate, possibly about one percentage point higher than the election in 2009.

Monique Keiran: Microbes — we just can’t live without them

I had always thought my family was small, but it turns out a great deal more of us exist than I had been aware of. Thanks to recent advances in DNA sequencing, all kinds of family secrets have been coming to light. Take Nature Boy, for instance.

Shannon Corregan: Ethical shopping means being aware

Not too long ago, I was chatting with a co-worker about the poor service she’d received while shopping.

Kate Heartfield: Why are we throwing a party for Putin?

It’s too late to cancel the Sochi Olympics. But it isn’t too late to make sure Sochi is the last incredibly stupid choice of location for a major international sports event.

Les Leyne: Predictions based on hocus-pocus

A modest suggestion to reflect the new reality in B.C. politics: Any pollster, pundit or political scientist who predicts an election should be required to carry a wand, wear a long purple robe and wear a wizard’s hat while doing so.

Andrew Cohen: The listless Conservatives at midterm

It has been two years since the last federal election, with two years until the next one. This puts the Conservatives halfway through their third term of office, which has been listless and unimaginative.

Comment: How MPs can sharpen oversight of spending

Being an ordinary member of Parliament is a tough job. There is the travel, the long hours in Ottawa away from family and friends, and the distance from cabinet decision-making.

The man in the fancy necklace.

The Times Colonist Health Challenge was over, my period of active rest was done, I had just lost an additional 6.3 pounds by drinking wine and eating halibut...

Comment: Forestry still a major economic driver in B.C.

The coastal forest industry wants to set the record straight.