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Evedar's Bistro on the right track with dinner menu

Tucked away in the bottom of a condo complex in a residential Langford neighbourhood, Evedar's is easy to miss, but that would be a mistake if you're hungry.

The second 'R' is all about sharing

Free stores allow those of us who have too much stuff to give some of it away to others who can use it

Photos: Entering the Fringe zone

Weird world of showbiz turns up to party in the square

All nighters: While most of us sleep, a small cadre works through the witching hours to keep the region humming

After the sun goes down and most Victorians are fast asleep in their beds, a small but select group of people is just starting work.

The Major develops a healthy obsession -- with himself

Sadly, another chap who was a mem of our great club has passed. He did not go silently. As the end approached, he sat up in his hospital bed, pointed at his wife and shouted, "The arrowroot biscuit last night tasted very odd," then fell back dead.

First Nations fashion

Denise Williams specializes in designs for her people -- and they're buying

Food snobs missing out on a good thing at Fifteen Fifty's

Food snobbery is out of control in North America. Don't get me wrong.

More readings - guerrilla gardeners, a prison's excellent carrot cake

Guerilla gardening in Montreal: Neighbours unhappy about a garbage-strewn vacant lot in their midst take action. Chinese restaurant as prairie icon. Almost every prairie town has or had one.

Great service, food at hidden Langford eatery

I've discovered something interesting about the subject of this week's column, namely no one seems to know where it is. "What? There's a Sheraton in Langford?" "Yes, behind Costco.

Kitchen regrets

Things that I probably shouldn't have bought. Plus, things for which I should have read the manual. 1. Despite the warnings of a colleague ("don't buy it"), I bought a heavyweight, porcelain-coated cast-iron grill pan.