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Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan brings wisdom to Victoria

Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan brings wisdom to Victoria

Nothing like getting pet advice from the top dog. Cesar Millan -- the so-called Dog Whisperer -- is probably the most famous canine trainer on the planet. He launches his first Canadian speaking tour in Victoria on Tuesday.
Bistro captures essence of Vietnamese fare

Bistro captures essence of Vietnamese fare

Visitors to the Green Leaf Bistro are greeted with a smile and a spacious room with wooden tables, clean lines and a colour scheme and lighting that recall the early 1960s. Slide into your seat and prepare to be impressed.
If the shoe fits, buy it

If the shoe fits, buy it

Home footwear parties put emphasis on fun and fashion

McRib madness and dissing the Double Down

KFC's Double Down arrives in Canada on Monday, Oct. 18, "for a limited time only." It's two pieces of battered chicken with bacon and cheese in between, plus sauce.

Inspired by travel

Designer Sofia Mendez Schenone draws on European influences

Restaurant Review: Finally, a restaurant to get excited about

A new restaurant opened quietly on the edge of Chinatown in late July. It doesn't serve Chinese food, of course, as is the norm for new Fisgard Street businesses lately -- in fact, it replaced a Japanese restaurant.

Tasty way to cook lamb

I would love it if you would create a recipe for butterflied leg of lamb. Lamb is one of my favourite meats. I prefer it to beef and I am always looking for new ways to prepare it -- roasted, barbecued, you name it, I love it.

All-day buffet

It's the all-day buffet pass , giving you access to seven Las Vegas buffets for $45.99 US. You have 24 hours to indulge, with the clock counting down from the moment you buy the pass. Here's the FAQ.

Trevor Presley bio

Trevor Presley, 38, writes around the edges of his life. "I've written the odd story for newspapers, magazines, travel postcards, humour.

How the contest works

Budding writers are being challenged again this year with So You Think You Can Write - a contest that is also a public writing workshop for Vancouver Island's amateur wordsmiths.