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Comedy and tragedy just came together

Comedy and tragedy just came together

Standup club performer realized she needed to talk about diagnosis

Veal cutlets are the key to both world peace and happy stomachs

Friday lunch at the club was a real corker, as it was Veal Cutlet Friday and not to be missed. Many of us arrive early for the repast to reserve a spot for said meal and not face disappointment from the hatchet-faced maître d'.


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Vigil dedicated to infants who have died

A vigil will be held Monday for mothers, fathers, extended families and friends who have been touched by the death of an infant. The event marks Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. Participants will gather at 7 p.m.

Un agency urges end to child marriage

Children who wed more likely to leave school, live in poverty, report says

Culinary bad boy roasted

Anthony Bourdain gets verbal lashing from foodies he loves to hate

Be wary when using newly released drugs

Study finds quarter of medications pulled from market or needed safety warning

Take diuretic earlier in the day

Dear doctors: My problem is with my diuretic, indapamide 2.5 mg. My doctor told me that I have a normal prostate enlargement for my age. I am 80, and I take the indapamide once daily.

Overprotected children lack street wisdom

Last week, a mom wrote to ask how to warn preschoolers of very real dangers in the world around them without making them anxious. "Sometimes I feel like I'm giving my three-year-old too much information," she said.

Things to do

Magic Workshop with Andrew and Wesley: Card Tricks. Learn three great tricks and three essential sleights-of-hand. In the second week, more illusions and performance tips. Today and Oct. 20, 1: 302: 30 p.m. at Central Library, for 10-12 year olds.