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Twitter used for CPR tips: study

Amid snarky comments and links to cat videos, some Twitter users turn to the social network to find and post information on health issues like cardiac arrest and CPR, according to a U.S. study.

Stylish living in New York

Project Runway winner Christian Siriano's flat is an eclectic mix

Poll: Children in Third World see education as top concern

Education, food and the environment are top concerns for children around the globe, and particularly for youngsters growing up in developing countries, according to an international poll released on Tuesday.

Tony Gioventu: Borrowing money for repairs tricky for strata

Dear Condo Smarts: Our strata corporation is a 54-unit apartment building in Surrey. It is 37 years old and due for some major upgrades and construction.

'Pre-drinking' can lead to sex, blackouts

They call it "pre-drinking," "pre-partying" or "pre-funking," and it usually involves chugging cheap alcoholic drinks before heading out to a bar, club or sporting event.

Fish oil may help people with heart disease

Dear doctors: I have always known that fish oil is beneficial for its omega-3 content. I see that krill oil is now being sold, claiming to have the same beneficial properties, but krill are high in cholesterol. How can that be beneficial? J.B.

Store canna lilies upside down

Dear Helen: The canna lilies we brought from Kamloops to Nanaimo did well in our new garden this summer. How should they be over-wintered here? G.L. Dear G.L.

White dinnerware lets food shine

Blanc dishes are the blank canvases at restaurants. Like bright-hued brushstrokes, menu items stand out like an artistic composition on each white plate. Salads look so green, carrots so orange, cranberries so red and, well, you get the picture.

Stomach surgery can cause adhesion

Dear doctors: My 85-yearold wife had a benign ovarian tumour removed in 2008. During a vacation in Florida the next year, she had a bowel blockage. The treatment was insertion of a tube through her nose and into the stomach.


Since 1865, the Salvation Army has provided practical help and compassionate care - without prejudice.