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Cooks in many lands use hominy in recipes

Cooks in many lands use hominy in recipes

Whole corn kernels popular in Latin America

Reasons to plant your garlic in late summer

The vegetable I'm most likely to forget to plant each year is garlic (stinking rose).


Female directors shine at Toronto film fest >C9
Lunch boxes of delights

Lunch boxes of delights

How to pack food with kid appeal

Fresh seasonal fruit the focus of great dessert recipe

Autumn brings an abundance of fresh, ripe, local and delicious apples.

Boring basement to spiffy space

Use light colours, bold accents and classy ceilings to help make downstairs space feel more like home

Battle lines drawn over supersizing

Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and other diet groups said Tuesday they are supporting New York City's proposed crackdown on super-sized, sugary drinks, adding prominent weight loss groups' influence to the campaign ahead of a vote next week.

Stem cells cannot regenerate heart valves at this time

Dear Dr. Donohue: Since starting to clip your articles, I haven't found any that deal with using adult stem cells for breakthrough treatments, such as repairing heart damage.

Packing on the produce helps shed pounds: study

It's not a quick fix but over the long haul, focus on fruits and veggies pays

Malformed fruit is still edible

Unsightly, odd-shaped bumps on tomatoes often the result of cool weather during early growth
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