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Tales from the vault: Brother XII - Seer or charlatan?

Late one night, a retired sea captain had a vision. Edward Arthur Wilson, a 46-year-old Englishman, had retired to the south of France in 1924. In the course of his life, he had travelled the world widely and had studied many traditions.

PSA-test risks outweigh benefits for 75-year-old

Dear doctors: I read your column on prostate cancer. I was surprised that you did not discuss the PSA test. My doctor has used this method many times when testing my blood. I have heard that for some, it is not very accurate. I am 75.
Elephant-dung beans make $50-a-cup brew

Elephant-dung beans make $50-a-cup brew

- In the lush hills of northern Thailand, a herd of 20 elephants is excreting some of the world's most expensive coffee.
A selection of some of our favourite children's books released in the last year

A selection of some of our favourite children's books released in the last year

When it comes to picture books, my kids and I don't always agree. As they get older, their likes and dislikes get stronger, which means I don't get to make all the decisions.

Things to do

Icy-Crystal See-Through No-Name Man Music Corner: A Musical adventure for young children at VCM, Wood Hall. Two performances, today, 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. at 900 Johnson St. Tickets: $15/$14 at 250-386-5311; MusicCorner.

Help whiny daughter express her feelings

Last week, we heard from a mom fed up with her five-year-old daughter's whining and fussing: "My daughter often approaches life with a whiny attitude," she wrote.

French sperm count shrinks

When it comes to sperm counts, French men aren't what they used to be, according to a new study.

Weak evidence for carcinogens

Studies suggesting that everything from cinnamon to lobster either raises or lowers a person's risk of cancer may sometimes be a bunch of baloney, a new report suggests.

Learning to be the life of the party - sober

Today, four years into sobriety, advertising executive Peter Rosch can linger at any party and, he said, "carry on far more interesting conversations than anyone ever got from me in those last few years of being a drunk.
Strategize your drinking for holiday celebrations

Strategize your drinking for holiday celebrations

The night before Thanksgiving, Sarah Allen Benton would meet hometown friends to begin a season of binge drinking.