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Remembering the forgotten war

For Canadians who fought in the Korean War, the conflict meant a chance to battle aggressive communism. But for a Victoria historian and Korea veteran, the war marked a new independence in Canadian diplomacy.

Comprehensive new atlas brings B.C. history to life

British Columbia: A New Historical Atlas By Derek Hayes Douglas and McIntyre, 368 pp., $59.95 It's impossible to truly appreciate history without understanding geography. Derek Hayes knows that more than just about anyone else.
Rise and fall of a star

Rise and fall of a star

Crossing the Line: The Outrageous Story of a Hockey Original By Derek Sanderson HarperCollins, 375 pp., $32.95 Derek Sander-son recalls mixing cocktails in a salad spinner.

What's new in books

A fascinating look at early B.C. cartography, the definite Leonard Cohen bio and the rise and fall of an NHL star. > Page D9

Battle fought with heart for Seoul

One of Canada's most notable military commendations in the Korean War was one the country took about six years to even acknowledge.

We lay our wreaths, but we can't understand the horror of war

Not much changed in the years between the end of the First World War and the commencement of the Second World War. The guns that shattered Europe fell silent on this day in 1918, to worldwide rejoicing that the madness was over.

Major's corner

The Major takes a timely look at racism, war and why we do the awful things to each other that we do. > Page D12

A day to remind us of the futility of racism and hatred

I am of two minds about today's Remembrance Day, for on the one hand I think it is suitable that we make a fuss over the few veterans that remain while pausing to remember those no longer with us, but on the other hand there is the pain of it all.

Parking-space spat ends in gunfire

An argument between parents over a parking space at a Johannesburg primary school prize-giving ended in a shooting that left three people injured and one man facing attempted murder charges, police said.

Remembering the forgotten war

On this day of remembrance, it's ironic to consider the Korean War has been nick-Owar.