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Major's Corner: Club life is preferable to just waiting to fall off the perch

Most of us in the senior reading room of the club would describe ourselves as in a pre-stroke state, more or less waiting around for "the Big One." We can observe the post-stroke types sitting by the curtains singing Row Your Boat while wearing bibs.

British firm claims biggest engine discovery since the jet

A small British company with a dream of building a reusable space plane has won an important endorsement from the European Space Agency after completing key tests on its novel engine technology. Reaction Engines Ltd.

There's meaning to this mingling

People who care gathered to raise funds to fight cancer


Diversions >D10, D11


Jim Hume >D4

Books: An incomplete record of 39 months that changed B.C

The Art of the Impossible: Dave Barrett and the NDP in Power 1972-1975 By Geoff Meggs and Rod Mickleburgh Harbour, 368 pp., $32.

Song inspired annual display

When David Clarke first got wind that Butchart Gardens was going to mount a Christmas display, his response was unequivocal - he hated it.

Eric Akis: Gingery cookies come in many variations

Over centuries, families and countries evolve unique recipes
Stuffed French toast makes tasty holiday breakfast

Stuffed French toast makes tasty holiday breakfast

If you can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and fry an egg, you already have all the skills needed to make this incredible Christmas morning stuffed French toast.

Tales from the Vault: B.C.'s worst lieutenant-governor?

A few years ago, The Beaver magazine asked a panel of historians to name the worst Canadians in history. Amongst this hall of infamy, there was one name that caught my eye.