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Island Lives: Courage honoured

Pamela Lawson was a bona fide heroine and had the Canadian Medal of Bravery to prove it. Not that she bragged about it. But On Oct.

Couple gives talk on Scotland-to-Syria boat-bike trek

The husband and wife team of Colin and Julie Angus are coming to town with their latest show Rowed Trip.

Lyn Gough likes to trumpet other women's achievements, not her own

Lyn Gough is most definitely not the kind of woman to blow her own horn. She would prefer that reporters interview someone else. It's blowing other women's horns that Gough enjoys.

Learning new tricks can help improve the wiring in your brain

Adults who learn new tricks such as juggling can improve the "wiring" of their brains, British scientists say.

Bringing salvation to untamed wilderness

Clearing pathways now will give garden a bright new look in spring

Looks vital on the job: survey

Professional appearance key to success at work, executives say

Great Thai food, but work on the table manners

Baan Thai's second Victoria location opened in an Oak Bay strip mall several years ago. Like its downtown counterpart, it enjoys a well-deserved reputation for consistently good food.

The long, hot simmer

Send your soups to the slow cooker for full flavour and easier preparation

Science is a girl's best friend

Daughter preserves father's legacy as 'mad scientist' of jewelry design

Getting neutered slows Ollie down, but not for long

Imagine if your doctor deemed it necessary to remove your testicles. You'd be sitting in his (or her) office, making small talk about your prostate gland and the like.