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Surprisingly, Germans warm to Cruise in Nazi film

Tom Cruise has defied expectations and won favourable reviews from German critics for his portrayal of a Prussian army officer who tried to assassinate Hitler in 1944 in the Hollywood film Valkyrie.

Recordings to remember

Some for good reasons, others just hard to forget

Festive boost to research

Jingle Minglers raise $143,000 to fight cancer

Versatile Blanchett plays dancer over 60-year span

F. Scott Fitzgerald story requires innovative ways to portray aging

Simon Cowell defends American Idol integrity

Acerbic American Idol judge Simon Cowell says the apparent suicide of a former contestant and obsessed fan forced him to think "long and hard" about his blunt comments to hopeless singers on the show.

Zappa's challenging legacy

Son adapts father's complex creations, learning 3,000-word song in the process

Tony Curtis recalls Victoria visit

If you want to confirm an unnamed film star's identity in an old photo, you can't beat getting the star in question to do it.

Film turkeys hard to digest

Lame comedies, shameless ripoffs and other films of 2008 that flopped

Scenes from Tofino to Inner Mongolia

Well, this is a first. Next year's Victoria Film Festival is going to open with a biker flick. OK, maybe One Week won't be mistaken for Easy Rider, but it does feature a dude on a motorcycle trip.

Return from Middle Earth: what Victoria's film chief learned

Trip to New Zealand for symposium of film commissioners