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We want to see your favourite car

Drivers have an understandable attachment to their cars - some drivers more so than others. Most of us have at least one favourite car we once owned, and the Times Colonist would like to show yours off for you.

Stutz cars recall the grand old days

Four valves per cylinder and overhead camshafts are now commonplace, but they are far from new.

Mysterious odour could be stale gas


Consumer Reports cool to the Karma

Consumer Reports panned the high technology Fisker Karma after testing the $107,850 luxury plug-in hybrid.

Chrysler plug-in program halted after batteries overheat

Chrysler has halted work temporarily on a test fleet of plug-in hybridelectric vehicles, pickups and minivans after several of the advanced batteries in its pickups overheated, the automaker said Monday.

At this price, you can't go wrong

At $14,095, the 2012 Mazda2 is a competitive car in the subcompact segment. At $12,095, the same car is a great deal. Buying a new car during the annual model-year change is a time-honoured strategy for bargain hunters.

Electric car maker falls short on sales

Tesla Motors generates $46 million after analysts forecast $80 million

Sputtering sedan could have a stuck valve

Q & A

Car horns evolving around the globe

Different parts of the world have different expectations from the lowly vehicle klaxon
Classic cars raise funds for hospice

Classic cars raise funds for hospice

Supporters of Victoria Hospice are more used to giving than getting.