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Large SUV hauls lots of cargo

Rugged vehicle comes with gasoline-electric hybrid option

Long-life coolants a major improvement


Buick v-6 left a remarkable 47-year legacy

The engine is the heart of the automobile, and to the average motorist the best ones are hardly ever seen.

Practical ride is fun to drive

If you're like me, a new entry into the crossover market is just background noise; they might be useful, and certainly it's the hottest-selling segment out there, but who really wants to read about yet another cute-ute? Well, pay attention, because t

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A banner year for collector cars at U.S. auctions

Here's an example of just how hot the collector car market has become this year. U.S. auction house Gooding & Co. has completed its 2012 auction season and reported sales of $189.6 million, an average of $640,635 for each of the 296 cars sold.

A 50-year power struggle

Debate over best mass-market sports car continues between fans of Porsche 911 and Corvette Sting Ray

It's true - some things get better with age

We were Cold War babies who came of age in the time of Woodstock, many born into military families, others the friends of military children.

We want to see your favourite car

Drivers have an understandable attachment to their cars -some drivers more so than others. Most of us have at least one favourite car we once owned, and the Times Colonist would like to show yours off for you.

Straight from the horse's mouth: it's fun

You might think that the driver of a Ford Mustang is usually stopped for speeding due to the car's powerful V-6 and V-8 engines. But you can't entirely blame a Mustang driver's right foot for moving violations.