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Glentel inks target wireless deal

American retail giant Target announced Thursday that Glentel Inc. has been chosen to handle mobile communications offerings at Target stores in Canada.

N.S. mill starts NAFTA inquiry

The U.S. trade representative has started an inquiry under the North American Free Trade Agreement to determine if the Nova Scotia government has offered improper subsidies to a Cape Breton paper mill.

Janion would deliver $100,000 micro-condos

The micro-condominium units proposed for the Jan-ion Hotel redevelopment would be priced between $100,000 and $150,000, delivering a new type of real estate offering to the capital region.

Hike property tax for pipeline share: expert

An economist says one of the simplest ways British Columbia can get its fair share of oil pipeline revenues is by imposing higher property taxes on those projects.

SNCc to build evergreen line in Vancouver

A group of companies headed by SNC-Lavalin has been selected to build the next rapid transit line in Metro Vancouver. The B.C.
Facebook reaches 1 billion users

Facebook reaches 1 billion users

More than a billion people now log into Facebook each month to check up on old friends, tag photos of new ones and post about politics, religion, cats or what their kids are doing.

Dead ducks in oilsands blamed on bad weather

The Alberta government says there won't be any charges against two oilsands companies that own tailings ponds in northern Alberta where hundreds of ducks died two years ago.

Original Joe's to open at Tuscany village

It appears Calgary-based eatery Original Joe's is destined for the Tuscan sun. In Saanich, at least.

Improved sales, asset sales boost Vecima bottom line

Improved sales performance and selling off noncore assets gave Victoria's Vecima Networks a turnaround of $13-million in its year-end performance in 2012.

Firm applies to run cable through northwest passage

An Ontario company has applied for permits that would allow a fibre optic cable through the Northwest Passage to bring vastly improved data service to much of the North.