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Luxembourg shines >B10

RIM workers get job support

Thou-sands of Canadians have been left jobless as BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion struggles to overcome a number of hurdles, but the City of Waterloo hopes a jobs centre it opened this week will help the unlucky ones.

Canadian economic growth uncertain

The federal government may need to downgrade its growth projections for the Canadian economy when it releases its mid-year budget update, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said Thursday.

Spool blamed in potash fire

Investigators believe they have confirmed the cause of a potash mine fire that forced 20 workers to hole up underground for the better part of a day. No one was hurt when the blaze erupted at Potash-Corp.'s mine near Rocanville last month.
Enbridge urges province: Come see for yourselves

Enbridge urges province: Come see for yourselves

Pipeline company wants direct talks, not through media
Bell's $3.4-billion Astral takeover rejected

Bell's $3.4-billion Astral takeover rejected

CRTC says deal not good for Canadians; cabinet asked to review

Lobster catch being dumped

A Cape Breton lobster fisherman has told a legislature committee that rising water temperatures are hurting the lobster business.

Early taste of Windows 8 baffles consumers, as Microsoft ditches familiar look and feel

NEW YORK — The release of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system is a week away, and consumers are in for a shock.

Bonds boost Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley reported better-than-expected adjusted earnings for the third quarter as it boosted revenue from trading bonds, long a sore spot for the investment bank.
U.K. court backs Samsung

U.K. court backs Samsung

Britain's Court of Appeal has affirmed a lower court ruling that Samsung's Galaxy tablet computer is "not as cool" as Apple's iPad and therefore doesn't infringe Apple's rights.