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Draw vaults Japan into Group F supremacy

Japan 0 * Nigeria 0

Zambia advances with win over lacklustre Uruguay

Zambia 2 * Uruguay 0

U-20 World Cup soccer: Visiting fans bring swirl of colour and emotion to Victoria streets

Sure, like 1994, it's rent-a-city all over again. But what a group of tenants. Your city really isn't your own during an international sporting event such as the FIFA 2007 Under-20 World Cup.

Underdog Zambia a sentimental favourite

On paper, today's pivotal FIFA 2007 Under-20 World Cup Group B match shouldn't even be close.

Victoria hosts Under-20 World Cup soccer

Saturday games - Scotland vs. Costa Rica 5 p.m.

Canada is listing, needs big soccer win on Sunday

Canada has always been an accommodating and gracious host. Maybe too gracious.

World Cup notebook: Everyone gets a breather

It seemed like the calm amid the storm yesterday at the Victoria venue for the FIFA 2007 Under-20 World Cup as the amassed assemblage of officials, supporters, media and teams all seemed to be whale watching or shopping along Government Street.

World Cup is showcase for young soccer players

A single moment of brilliance, seemingly snatched out of mid-air at the 2003 FIFA Under-20 World Cup at the United Arab Emirates, helped propel Josh Simpson of Victoria into a higher-calibre pro soccer career than he might have otherwise expected at

Costa Rica talented, but inexperienced

They've definitely got the talent -- star striker Jean Carlos Solorzano and perhaps the top goalkeeper in the tournament in Alfonso Quesada -- to compete with the top guns in the FIFA Under-20 World Cup.

Nigerians the fastest, most physical

Group F of the 2007 FIFA Under-20 World Cup is finely balanced, but don't believe all the talk of there not being a real favourite in the group.