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High-quality LED illuminated mirrors help you face the day

See yourself in the best light, delivered through stylish designs available at Splashes Bath & Kitchen

The funhouse mirror is always good for a laugh and the only time you want a mirror to misrepresent your features.

Whether you’re fulfilling your morning routine, getting glam for a night on the town, prepping for—or posing for—that perfect selfie, you want to put your best face forward.

An LED mirror makes this possible with unparalleled lighting quality in a variety of contemporary models.

If you’re using a regular mirror and relying on your room’s lighting, you’re likely experiencing distorted reflections, shadows, and unbalanced or uneven light. These are common interferences that mask your true image and can inflict visual havoc on your makeup application, your closest shave, hairstyling and any self-grooming practices.

“LED mirrors have become very popular across our customer base because they provide better lighting than what your traditional bathroom setup and standard mirror delivers,” says Michelle Braden, marketing and communications manager for Splashes Bath & Kitchen.

“They typically have lighting at the top or around the sides, which pushes the light onto your face, especially great for anyone putting on makeup, shaving and the usual grooming.”

Any cosmetician or makeup artist will tell you, forward lighting produces the best results, which will perfectly illuminate your face and allow you to see the fine details. The LED mirror with a frosted strip is designed to warmly diffuse the purest “daylight” light conditions.

Trusted brand, optimal lighting source

Upgrading your ordinary mirror with an LED mirror is an easy transformation with Splashes Bath & Kitchen. They’re not just recognized as a long-standing industry leader in the bathtub, shower, toilet, kitchen sink and fixtures space, but they carry reputable brands in LED mirrors, too.

“We find many of our consumers like Kalia Illuminated LED mirrors,” admits Braden. “It’s a fantastic brand when it comes to quality—right down to the aesthetic. We sell framed and frameless, square, round, oval, rectangular and tall rectangular shape, with lighting around the mirror, just at the top, or backlit models.”

Particularly popular is the Kalia Effect collection, with standouts like the 24" round bathroom mirror with black frame and frosted strip, and the 24" x 32" magnifying rectangular mirror with frosted strip.

Features, energy efficient, eco-friendly

Your mirror should always reflect your truest image and LED mirrors provide various features to assist, depending on the model: aluminum frame, reversible, dimmers, magnifying options, colour temperature two-tone touch-switch for cool and warm tones, and centred anti-fog system.

“The anti-fog feature is extremely popular, one of the biggest selling features,” says Braden. “It’s a time-saver when you’re out of the shower. There’s no wiping or waiting for your mirror to defog.”

The 90+ Colour Rendering Index (CRI) tells you how accurate colours appear under ideal or natural light. “CRI is what makes the lighting true to colour,” explains Braden. “It allows you to be more precise in what you’re putting on and how you’ll look outside.”

LED lights are fully recyclable, contain no toxic elements and reduce energy consumption; they usually consume 80% less power than regular incandescent and halogen lights. LEDs also last much longer than conventional lighting: you can expect approximately 50,000 hours of light, their typical lifespan.

“Most people don’t need the entire room lit, just in front of them,” says Braden, “Plus, the added benefit, you’ll save money on your energy bill when utilizing it to its full potential, or could opt-out of having a bathroom light fixture altogether.”

“While the price point might be slightly higher than your normal bathroom mirror, the benefits far outweigh the costs,” Braden adds.

From the bathroom to the powder room, the bedroom to your walk-in closet, an LED mirror can create a specific ambiance and a sophisticated home décor centrepiece for any space you want brought to light.

“Most of our showrooms have LED mirror models on display,” reveals Braden. “Customers can see how they work, try out the settings and get a feel for the quality of the mirror and the lighting they would receive.”

“You can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom or any room, get beautiful lighting in your home—to meet your every need.”

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