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B.C. residents get a break with quality and affordable home internet services

New internet provider Babbl, makes it easy to spend less on your monthly internet plan

Today, you’re not likely to see terminology like “low cost,” “affordable,” and “at a reduced price” either at the pump or the supermarket for the foreseeable future.

Simply put, inflation is skyrocketing.

Whether it’s your gas and groceries, mortgage or rent, or other necessary expenditures, these everyday essentials are taking a big bite out of your wallet at a breakneck pace, with no respite for the foreseeable future.

Understandably, you could do with some savings this year. So, where can you carve out some financial relief in your monthly budget?

Fortunately, there’s one everyday essential in your community that is synonymous with “low cost,” “affordable,” and “at a reduced price,” thanks to Babbl, a new home premium internet service in southwestern B.C.

Babbl Communications Ltd. provides Western Canadians with quality, reliable, and secure home internet services with ease: easy setup, zero contracts and a no-hassle cancellation guarantee. Not to mention, your savings can be 15 to maybe 25% of your current internet plan.

Arguably, it’s natural to be skeptical. However, Babbl defies every “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” comment ever uttered.

Jason Speers, Babbl’s president and founder, is a former Shaw employee and industry expert with 20-years’ experience. Since he knows the home internet landscape inside out, there’s good reason to trust Babbl.

“I’m very aware of the industry, and I understand it well,” explains Speers. “We really want to make a difference in Western Canada, which has extremely high rates for internet service.”

Speers is on a mission to change the home internet experience by making it more efficient without all the unnecessary complications.

“Traditionally, when someone wants to switch service providers, it’s been very difficult to do so,” he continues.

“We put the choice and options into consumers’ hands, not the business’s hands. We’re not tying you into a contract. It’s up to us as a business to keep you as a customer.”

How affordable plans are possible

Babbl uses the same infrastructure as Western Canada’s large telecom firms, but as a third-party internet service provider, it can purchase access to the internet at wholesale rates.

Those large firms do business the old way: with call centres, fleets of vehicles, retail stores, and technicians who come into your home to activate your internet service.

“What we’re trying to do is create a model where we don’t have a call centre or technicians or fleets of vehicles. These are the heavy and high costs that a lot of carriers have to incur that get transferred to their consumers,” Speers describes.

“It was a great model for many years, but it’s time to inject technology in a way that allows for costs to be reduced yet still experience the exact same quality of home internet.”

Ultimately, Babbl is out to build tomorrow’s telecom as an all-digital and self-serving experience for you.

Babbl plans cover all your family’s home internet needs, whether you’re working from home or a casual user, to binging Netflix or other streaming and gaming uses.

The Babbl difference is evident as soon as you sign up.

Your all-in-one router and Wi-Fi modem is couriered to you, saving you time rather than making an appointment with a technician to visit your home and interrupt your daily schedule. And thanks to simple state-of-the-art “plug and play” technology, you’ll be online within minutes of its arrival.

Even if you decide to cancel your Babbl service, there are no questions asked. Simply because you won’t have to speak to a representative, it only takes a few easy clicks.

“While everything else continues to rise, we’re here to provide some relief by providing a premium internet service at an affordable price,” says Speers. “And we’re also here to prove internet doesn’t have to be complicated.”

So, if the local gas prices (expected to hit $2.40 per litre in June and are predicted to climb into summer) make armchair travel more of a reality, with Babbl, at least you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll be connected—affordably, to the world.

To sign up for affordable premium home internet, and find a plan that works best for you with no risk, visit