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Monique Keiran: Walking away from Alzheimer’s disease

Thousands of British Columbians will wake up tomorrow, put on their shoes and walk. They’re raising money through the Alzheimer Society of B.C.’s Walk for Memories. Funds raised support the society’s community programs.

No rest for the wicked I get one day of rest per week. Today is Saturday, and I don't have to go into the gym. Here I bounce at the computer on my exercise ball, writing, and trying hard not to fall forwards, or backwards, or sideways. It's a tricky new "chair.

Comment: Mandatory skills tests serve a useful purpose

‘Graduation rate reaches new high in Greater Victoria school district,” said last Saturday’s headline. Wondering about your school’s graduation rate? Check the Fraser Institute Report Card on Secondary Schools.

An interruption from my Croatian conscience...upon hearing about my first training session with JC

Exorcist Suzie. "That's so amazing from a woman who used to cross herself every time she passed a gym and her head used to spin around like The Exorcist at the thought of a cardio work out." Yes, I've found my saviour. "Yes, you have.

Carded at the Crystal

My ninja has instructed me via text message to cardio it up each day this week and to stick a strength training session in before our meeting on Sunday. Saturday is my one day off. So what sensei says, Suzie does. Suzie + Stéffi on Teen Night.

Mark Milke: The Harper government’s crony capitalism

You might think the federal Conservatives, who have added $125 billion to the federal debt since 2008 and will add another $21 billion by the end of March, might be shy about unnecessary expenditures.

Shannon Corregan: Rape culture isn’t just India’s problem

Last week, the news broke that the five men charged with the violent gang rape and murder of a young Delhi woman on Dec. 16 would be fast-tracked through India’s courts.

Comment: Transit should be declared essential service

Now that the Canadian Auto Workers Local 333 and B.C. Transit have come to an agreement, it’s time for the province and the Capital Regional District to call public transit what it is, an essential service, and designate it as such.

And my Croatian conscience rears his ugly head...

Bublićka, do you make exercise or EXTRA SIZE?"


Mistress of the mix @ Logan's Pub. Remember making the perfect mixed tape? I sure do. I had a pretty specific pattern that I used to use for song groupings.