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Column: Don’t sanitize death-penalty discussion

The prison chaplain came home at dawn, his face haggard. Before he went to bed, Cyril Everitt told his grown son one thing about the hangings he’d just witnessed: “There was blood everywhere.” It was Toronto, Dec.

Column: Building success by building houses

A year after the pictures were broadcast across Canada and the world, the images of deplorable housing conditions in Attawapiskat are still shocking.

Column: Gun laws make a difference in mass killings

When Canadians hear news of mass killings, their first instinct is to think it has happened in the United States. They’ve been right most of the time, especially in recent years. The U.S.

Comment: Why innovation in the arts matters

Traditional arts groups such as orchestras, ballets, operas and theatres that neglect to think about how they fit into the broader social context and respond accordingly will fail.

Column: Christmas goes on, even in Newtown

“I just want Christmas,” the little boy told his teacher. “I don’t want to die. I just want to have Christmas.” The first-grader at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, will have his Christmas.

Santa remains a testament to innocence

Santa is sitting in our living room, dispensing gifts to neighbourhood children, and saying to a young boy, “So what do you want for Christmas, man?” Man? This is Groovy Santa, who if you look beneath the expensive red Santa suit, shiny black boots,

Comment: Canada should keep its seat in the spy club

Royal Canadian Navy Sub-Lt. Jeffery Delisle supplied top-secret intelligence to Russia from 2007 until his arrest in January 2012.

Column: Reinventing Christmas keeps it fresh

My absolute favourite thing about Christmas is the way it’s continually (annually, in fact) being reinvented.

Column: Humans get more nutrition from tastier food

’Tis the season. Those who are dear to us gather near to us to feast, share and converse. We assemble around the groaning board, and retire from it, groaning, “I couldn’t eat another thing.

Comment: Support for B.C.’s carbon tax continues to grow

In 2008, our government took the bold step of introducing Canada’s first revenue-neutral carbon tax. While it was controversial at the time, a recent Environics Institute survey shows that B.C.