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The power of blessingThere are times in life where I have been acutely aware of the blessings in my life. These times have come when my heart is wide-open to love–like when I celebrated my wedding and the birth of my children. My world was transformed for many days at a time before, during, and after these celebrations of love.

Times of the passing of loved ones are also wide-open gateways of love. It is a feeling of transcendence. Though sorrowful, there is the experience of a greater love that comes to the fore.

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Then there are the little moments where I recognize just how special this life is. Perhaps it is when I ‘bump into’ someone I needed to see, or when I find exactly what I was looking for. At these times too, I recognize this greater love, and have the knowingness that I am loved. 

This is the power of blessing—when a moment can open us up to knowing we are loved and, the love that we are. With this comes the awareness of how sacred this life is. I know this as a oneness with all life, a connectedness that brings with it a feeling of love, divine love.

I can feel this when I am surrounded by the beauty of nature – the ocean, the forest, the sky. It lifts me out of the limitations of my physical body and into a higher state of being, knowing, and seeing. 

I can hear it when I listen to the sound of waves, the wind, uplifting music. The vibration within all life touches my heart and moves me, beyond the moment, to a timeless place.

These blessings are all around me in each moment. They are just waiting for my attention to reveal them. 

To be more conscious in each moment and to open myself to love I practice a love song to God using the word HU, an ancient name for God. 

Tuning in to this sacred sound brings me in touch with the power of blessing. It lifts me in Spirit to a state where I am able to know, to see and be the hand of God as I live my life, in each moment.

The power of blessingCarol Hoedeman, Cleric, Eckankar the Path of Spiritual Freedom. For more information visit  www.hearhu.org

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