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Tories set three-day deadline to vote on almost 300 election bill changes

OTTAWA — A parliamentary committee has been given three days to debate and vote on nearly 300 amendments to a controversial overhaul of Canada's elections law — a tight time frame the Opposition NDP is calling a "farce.

New Democrats want to see details on electoral reform amendments

OTTAWA — NDP Leader Tom Mulcair says he wants to see details of amendments the Harper Conservatives say they'll make to their contentious Fair Elections Act.
Old rail tankers to be phased out in response to Quebec explosion

Old rail tankers to be phased out in response to Quebec explosion

TORONTO — Canada will require a three-year phase out or retrofit of the type of rail tankers involved in last summer's massive explosion of an oil train that destroyed much of a Quebec town and incinerated 47 people, a government official told The As

Ottawa will keep lid on 'reckless' spending, says finance minister Oliver

HALIFAX — Finance Minister Joe Oliver says he plans to resist pressures to stimulate the economy with federal money as Ottawa remains focused on bringing in a balanced budget next year.
Obituary: Long-serving MP Herb Gray, 82, was deputy prime minister

Obituary: Long-serving MP Herb Gray, 82, was deputy prime minister

Parliamentarian known as The Gray Fog was a master of deflection in the House of Commons

Air Canada criticized over video of baggage being dropped

TORONTO - Air Canada is apologizing after a video apparently showing a baggage handler dropping luggage from roughly six metres off the ground hit social media.

Air Canada baggage handlers to be fired over luggage incident

TORONTO — Air Canada says two baggage handlers appearing in a video that shows luggage being dropped from roughly six metres have been suspended and will lose their jobs.

Official gift shop reserved for the elite but you pay for it

OTTAWA, Ont. — Canada’s official gift shop is tucked into the fourth floor of a government building in nearby Gatineau, Que., but you won’t see any tourists lining up at the cash register to buy coffee mugs adorned with Mounties.

Calgary stabbings: Three funerals set for today

CALGARY — Funeral services are set today for three of the five young people who were stabbed to death at a Calgary house party.

Anti-prohibition pot protesters hit Parliament Hill as 4-20 movement goes after policy

OTTAWA — Frisbees, hula hoops, reggae and the slightly skunky aroma of burning bud masked a serious policy dispute Sunday afternoon on Parliament Hill.
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