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Virus confirmed, salmon farms to cull fish

All fish to be removed from affected sites

RCMP road-safety budgets cut in half

Police officers fear an increase in drunk and dangerous drivers

Blackwater trained our troops, police

Untendered contract dates from 2008

Man charged in maternity ward assault

A man has been charged in the case of a Nanaimo mother who was punched in the head while holding her two-day-old baby in the maternity ward of Nanaimo Regional General Hospital.

Suspect sought in 'shocking' video

Toronto police are asking the public to help identify a suspect who appears to be urinating on a sleeping homeless man outside Toronto's Eaton Centre -- a shocking incident captured in a video posted online.

Calendar: Raven Baroque

TODAY Raven Baroque, 10 musicians in costume play Baroque hits at St. Ann's Chapel, 835 Humboldt St., 7:30-9 p.m. Free. For more information, go online to

Sikh temple gunman killed himself: FBI

Ex-girlfriend arrested on firearms charge
Woodwynn camp defies ouster order

Woodwynn camp defies ouster order

Tents remain standing at farm despite letter from Central Saanich

Public advised to be cautious as forest fire risk heats up

A cool and wet spring has dampened the risk of forest fires on Vancouver Island so far this summer, but fire starts are now expected to pick up.

From Black Creek to London: a berth in 5,000-metre final

Runner Cam Levins, from the small Island community of Black Creek, qualified for the 5,000-metre final at the 2012 London Summer Olympics on Wednesday.