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Rick Steves: Cinque Terre rebuilds


Amsterdam struggles to evade ban on dope-smoking tourists

AMSTERDAM — The mayor of Amsterdam may be unable to deliver on his promise to scrap the ban on tourists visiting the city’s marijuana-selling coffee shops, the Dutch justice ministry said on Friday.

Court upholds early parole eligibility

B.C.'s highest court has ruled that certain prisoners are still eligible for parole after serving one-sixth of their sentence, despite a change in the law.
Jack Knox: Living up to the spirit of liquor laws is an art

Jack Knox: Living up to the spirit of liquor laws is an art

Back in my misspent youth, I frequented a café that was licensed to sell liquor only with food.

Victoria triathlete killed in New Zealand car crash

Catherine Clarke, a 46-year-old Victoria triathlete and director at the provincial registry, has died in a car crash while visiting in New Zealand.
At resource centre, a friendly helping hand

At resource centre, a friendly helping hand

Let's say you're having trouble functioning, never mind filling out the 23-page form for B.C. disability benefits. Or your son is turning to alcohol, faltering in college and you don't know where to turn.

Mexico's drug violence ebbing, leaving a new sense of optimism

MEXICO CITY — Gradually but notably, the mood of Mexicans has brightened about their personal security and the broader war on crime, a shift in this country’s state of mind that coincides with a sharp reduction in bloodshed in once violent regions.

Halloween costumes too hard to bear

HOPE - The bear costumes were a bit too authentic for residents in Hope, who alerted police to trouble in their backyard on Halloween night. A mother bear and her two cubs were spotted wandering the neighbourhood around 8 p.m.

B.C.'s new lieutenant-governor vows to stay true to the land

Rancher Judith Guichon puts beef on the menu at Government House

Victoria triathlete dies in crash

Car accident came just days after Catherine Clarke's personal best time