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As we age, fires of love still glow but scorch less

"Still crazy after all these years ..." -- Singer-songwriter Paul Simon (B: 1941) - - - I didn't mean to eavesdrop -- and I didn't have to, really. I caught a few key words that told me all I needed to know.

Tackling fears, virtually

Afraid of flying? Confront your phobia in safety with computer programs

Turkey alternatives

Throw a curve at tradition with these Thanksgiving dinner recipes

While humans are away, the pug will play

I'm not quite sure what shenanigans Ollie the Pug gets up to when we're at work. But the evidence points to a doggy equivalent of a Roman orgy. By the time we leave for work in the morning, Ollie will have been walked, watered and fed.
Suitably dressed

Suitably dressed

Men's style reverts to dapper, dark days of Depression

What the heck are Spudnuts?

Lethbridge, in southern Alberta. It turns out a lot of people living in Victoria are from there. I keep bumping into them.

Royal Victoria Marathon goes the distance for 30 years

What began as an Island runners' alternative to racing in Vancouver has evolved into one of the top destination marathons in North America

Ask Eric Akis: Whisk away curdled soup

Today, Times Colonist food writer Eric Akis begins a new Sunday series, Ask Eric. He will answer readers' questions about cooking problems that have them stumped.

Fat moms hike health risk for fetus: study

women who are overweight or obese when they get pregnant are more likely to give birth to children with congenital heart defects, according to a u.S. Government study released this week. The study, conducted by the u.S.

How you can cope with the meltdown

When Daniel Scott's son was two, his affable nature seemed to suddenly evaporate, replaced by major-league acting-out sessions all over the place.