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Nanaimo school takes part in dam-failure drill

NANAIMO — A new network of sirens, set up to warn of imminent dam failure in the Harewood neighbourhood of Nanaimo, was tested in conjunction with an evacuation drill at John Barsby Community School.

Alberni port exports double

PORT ALBERNI — Shipping activity increased sharply at the Port Alberni Port Authority in 2013. According to data from the port authority, there was an increase of 177,284.
Our Community: Oaklands' 100th turns back the clock

Our Community: Oaklands' 100th turns back the clock

Alumni of Oaklands Elementary School would have felt a sense of nostalgia last week as they visited their old stomping grounds during the school’s centennial celebrations.

Fight over Nanaimo incinerators heating up

NANAIMO — While the City of Nanaimo considers the possibility of a waste-to-energy garbage incinerator, other bodies are waging conflicting information campaigns.

Craft distiller has plans to make his own absinthe

NANAIMO — A distiller in Nanaimo hopes to bring a locally crafted absinthe to market. Arbutus Distillery is months away from releasing its brand of craft liquors such as vodka, gin and eventually absinthe.

Preemie’s mom says her Anabelle is Campbell River’s adopted baby

CAMPBELL RIVER — Danielle Girard says support has been ongoing since daughter Anabelle arrived early on Christmas Eve. Due on March 21, Anabelle was born when Danielle suffered complications and went into early labour.
Triple surprise for mom keeps the family hopping

Triple surprise for mom keeps the family hopping

PARKSVILLE — When Carmen Hammond went for an ultrasound eight weeks into her pregnancy, she was expecting to get a glimpse of a single healthy baby. Instead, the ultrasound technician looked concerned.
Store gives gift of nutrition

Store gives gift of nutrition

Volunteer effort provides good food to those who need it most
A hospice for the homeless

A hospice for the homeless

Outreach workers provide palliative care to marginalized people in the street community

Nellie’s trip to town reveals the true beauty of nature

Nellie McClung, known across Canada as a member of the Famous Five who campaigned for women to be recognized as persons, wrote a column for the Victoria Daily Times.